Selling a house without a real estate agency: advantages

Selling a house without a real estate agency: advantages

Selling your house or apartment without a real estate agency is possible and has many advantages. It is an increasingly common system, but when you choose to sell a house without a real estate agency , there are also risks to avoid and some disadvantages. Here is everything you need to know before selling your house or apartment as a private individual.

The costs of a real estate agency are very high (usually 3 to 6% of the property price). For an individual who wants to sell his house or apartment, the usefulness of an intermediary to sell his house is therefore in question. Taxes from a real estate agency will raise the purchase price of its property, which will make it less attractive to buyers than other properties for sale

Is selling a house without a real estate agency worth it economically?

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After several real estate estimates, you will have an idea of ​​the market price of your property. A buyer will only observe the final price and will not care whether or not he understands the agency fees. Selling without a real estate agency gives you the advantage of being able to slightly lower the price of your property while maintaining the net selling price.

This often allows you to be more competitive than similar properties sold with agencies and therefore to sell more quickly. This is the success of sites reserved for real estate advertisements between individuals. This allows you to reduce the cost of your sale.

Don’t overestimate the price of the house or apartment

A real estate agent should normally know the prices in your area for this type of property. He therefore has valuable information that you will have more difficult access to if you sell without an agency. However, there are other ways to get good estimates for your property.

The biggest risk the seller takes is to incorrectly set the selling price of his property. The selling price is rarely too low, private-to-private sellers tend to be too greedy for the market price and competing properties.

To avoid this risk, take the time to estimate your apartment or house. You will therefore need to be very attentive to all information received during the first visits. Many signs can be used to rectify requests, as long as you listen to them.