Try These Tricks to Get Hamilton Tickets

theater performances

If you want to watch the Hamilton show in person, you might be thinking about the tickets. That is because getting tickets to the Hamilton musical is not as easy as it might seem to be. The show is always sold out, and the tickets are as difficult to find as gold.

However, nothing is impossible, and there are definitely a few proven methods to get Hamilton tickets easily.

Let’s discuss a few tricks you can follow to get tickets to theater performances like the Hamilton musical easily.

Visit The Box Office

If you want to buy tickets at full price, you can visit the box office and buy tickets of the Hamilton musical for upcoming shows. You can also visit the official Hamilton website to buy the tickets online.

theater performances

If you want to buy districts online, you must always choose an official website like Ticketmaster. They run you through a check to make sure that you are not a scalper, and then you are free to buy any tickets.

Wait in The Cancellation Line

If you want to buy tickets to the same day show, you can wait in the cancellation line to see if there are any people canceling their tickets. Every day, some people cancel their tickets, and the ones waiting in the cancellation line get the chance to buy those tickets at face value.

You can experiment by waiting in the cancellation line. If you are lucky, you will get the ticket to the same day’s performance.

Sign Up For Hamilton Emails

If you want to get alerted about ticket availability, go to the Hamilton website and get subscribed to their email newsletter. This way, whenever Hamilton tickets are about to go up for sale, you will be emailed in advance.

However, you still need to be very quick as the tickets can get sold in minutes.