Mistakes Companies Make When Choosing Residential Movers

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With so many moving companies in the marketplace now, it’s hard to know which one is right for you. This post is designed to inform anyone who is about to hire a residential mover about mistakes companies make when choosing residential movers.

Mistake #1: Lack of Diligence

A number of residential movers have been accused in recent years of not taking good care of their customers’ belongings during moves. One of the biggest complaints is that residential movers don’t wrap belongings securely and properly in cardboard or plastic. This can result in damage to furniture and other valuables. In addition, it may prevent customers from getting their belongings back when they’re done moving. It’s important to verify that all of your belongings will be moved properly when you use a residential mover.

Mistake #2: Hiring People Who Don’t Have Clean Moving Statements

Moving companies are not allowed to hire unskilled workers who have been convicted of crimes or those who have unpaid debt for the last 10 years. This means that if an individual has a criminal record, then he or she cannot be employed by a moving company.

Mistake #3: Hiring People Who Lie On Their Employment Applications

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Some moving companies have been known to hire people who falsify their employment applications. These may be workers who have been convicted of crimes or workers who don’t have a clean record in terms of debts. You should avoid hiring a residential mover if they are found to have hired an unqualified individual, as it can cause you to lose your possessions and money.

Mistake #4: Failure To Do a Background Check On All Employees

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration requires that all moving companies complete background checks on their employees before they can run the business. Once the check is completed, the record must be shared with the Department of Transportation. You should avoid hiring a moving company that doesn’t tell you everything they know about their employees.

Mistake #5: Hiring Workers Who Are Offered Something Other Than The Salary That Is Required by Law

You’re probably aware that moving companies are not allowed to promise their workers more than an average wage rate for their profession. This means that if you see a moving company offering its workers extra payments, then it’s likely they are breaking federal labor laws. In addition, many states have also passed laws that only allow movers to receive payment through federal or state checks.