What are the problems if I choose the “wrong”  juices for my ecig?

the differences between the heads.

The main risks of a  juices not compatible with the device are two:

The risk of “sticking” (the head dries up and reaches too high a temperature), if the  juices is too thick (high percentage of VG) or the voltage / power is too high.

The risk of losing fluid; the cotton does not hold the  juices that is too fluid and this (due to the force of gravity) drips into the base and then comes out of the air intakes best cbd vape juice.

Some exceptions

This does not mean that it is never possible to use vape juices with VG greater than 50% on cheek atomizers; some heads, which have wider holes, can be compatible with this type of vape juices, such as the heads for Zenith version 1.2 ohm, which are suitable without any precautions even when using vape juices with VG up to 60 .

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Other factors can influence the compatibility, or if we want the functioning of the cheek shooting devices with more dense vape juices: it is advisable to  reduce the voltage (or the power) of the device, so that the head will have to absorb less  juices with each puff and so it will work better.

Another trick is to close the air a lot (but never completely!), To create a vacuum effect that “forces” the  juices inside the head. Yet another factor to consider is the frequency of puffs ; the closer the “shots” will be, the more easily the head will dry out; vice versa, widely spaced shots will give the head more time to absorb the  juices and remain moist.


As mentioned above, a good rule of thumb is to use vape juices with 50VG or less on cheek devices ( pod mod , and pen style type q16 pro ), and over 50VG on lung shooting devices ( box mod with TFV16 type atomizers ) . In the product sheets of the heads sold on vaporoso it is mentioned if a head is “anomalous” for that type of device, and has some unusual ” juices drawing” characteristics.

Remember that for any clarification or doubt you can always contact our assistance center who will be happy to answer any questions.

The atomizer is the “heart” of the electronic cigarette . Its function is to vaporize the  juices for electronic cigarettes . There are atomizers of various shapes and sizes with different vaporization characteristics.

Good vape!